About the Action - Who we are

The COST Action Adher´n Rise is a network of scientists that share the common goal to promote, stimulate and translate research on Adhesion-G protein-coupled receptors (aGPCRs) ‘from bench to bedside’ in Europe. Adhesion-GPCRs are a class of structurally and functionally highly intriguing cell surface receptors with essential functions in health and disease, which have remained understudied for a long time and thus, display a vastly unexploited pharmacological potential. They share common features of the superfamily of GPCRs with respect to expression, signal transduction and main structural components. Yet, special features such as a bimodular activation capacity, the response to mechanical stimuli and their integration into the extracellular matrix through their extraordinary large N termini, distinguish Adhesion-GPCRs from the classic Rhodopsin-like receptors of this protein family. Only in the past years accumulating knowledge on these special receptors has sparkeds interest for Adhesion-GPCRs in scientists as well as clinicians from different fields with divergent expertise. Therefore, the community is young, diverse and constantly growing.

Adher’n Rise assembles this community to increase the awareness of fellow scientists and the interaction between them so that their separate efforts, approaches and methods can be complemented. To achieve this goal and to account for the community being young, the Action will establish a network of dedicated non-tenured Early Career Investigators (ECIs), clinicians and representatives of pharmaceutical companies, provide communication platforms and opportunities to interact. This will lead to a more focused approach to tackle the most pressing scientific questions in the field and will help bridging the gap between fundamental research and therapeutic innovation.