New EU funding: 500,000 euros for scientific exchange

Two scientists at Leipzig University’s Faculty of Medicine have been selected for a European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action. This EU funding programme aims to promote Europe-wide research networks and allow them to tackle highly complex and interdisciplinary research fields. Professor Ines Liebscher and Dr Simone Prömel from the Rudolf Schönheimer Institute of Biochemistry applied for the COST Action, which they will now jointly manage for the next four years. “Our network brings together scientists in the field of adhesion G protein-coupled receptors. These are membrane receptors that control communication between cells and their environment. They are important starting points for new therapeutic approaches, as nearly a third of all drugs target G protein-coupled receptors,” explained Professor Ines Liebscher. All of the partners recently attended a kick-off meeting in Brussels. “To date, more than 67 members from 22 countries as well as four associated international participants from the US, Taiwan and Japan have joined forces. In joint conferences, workshops and exchange programmes, we want to combine research in this field and initiate new partnerships and projects,” said Dr Simone Prömel. The next step will be a joint meeting in Leipzig.

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