Summary of Adhesion GPCR Training School “Cell-Based Assays for Adhesion GPCR Function”

A Step Towards Advancing adhesion GPCR Research

The Training School on "Cell-based assays to study adhesion GPCR function" recently took place at the renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, from June 28th to 30th, 2023. The event, organized by the COST Action Adher'n Rise (CA18240) and local organizers Hannes Schihada and Lukas Grätz, brought together researchers and experts in the field of adhesion GPCRs. The school aimed to equip trainees with knowledge and practical skills related to cutting-edge cell-based techniques used in studying adhesion GPCR function in living cells.

Under the guidance of five expert trainers, the training sessions covered a range of techniques and approaches for investigating adhesion GPCR function. Lukas Grätz from the Karolinska Institutet discussed assays focusing on detecting small molecule binding to GPCRs. Hannes Schihada, representing the University of Marburg, presented various approaches to developing conformational GPCR biosensors.

Ines Liebscher, supported by the Early Career Investigator (ECI) Jakob Mitgau (University of Leipzig), shed light on the activation mechanisms of adhesion GPCRs. Miriam Stoeber and ECI Arthur Radoux (Université de Genève) showcased the use of optical tools to investigate GPCR activity in intracellular compartments. Evi Kostenis and ECI Judith Alenfelder (University of Bonn) closed the training school by presenting label-free methods as a holistic readout of GPCR signaling and potential pitfalls when investigating adhesion GPCRs.

The training school saw active participation from 15 trainees, representing nine different EU and inclusiveness target countries (ITCs), who engaged in the five different sessions. These sessions provided a platform for trainees to delve into the potential and limitations of various technologies, fostering insightful discussions on future adhesion GPCR research. The exchange of ideas and knowledge between trainers and trainees contributed to a collaborative and stimulating environment and facilitated a deeper understanding of the subject matter. With the knowledge gained from this training school, the participants are better equipped to make significant contributions to the field of adhesion GPCR research in the future.

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