WG 1

WG1 Leader

Biljana Stankovic

WG1 Substitute Leader

Ivo Chelo

Sequence repertoire and evolution of Adhesion GPCRs

Existing large databanks are a valuable tool to extract genome and transcriptome information as well as phenotype association of different species, tissues and disease states. The objectives of WG1 are to elucidate the sequence repertoire of aGPCRs and to investigate the evolution of this receptor class to ultimately generate an information map on how many different variants of each aGPCR exist in which physiological context.

To achieve these objectives, researchers with different backgrounds, for instance in bioinformatics, biology, genetics and biochemistry, joined forces in WG1 to focus on the following aspects: 1. Implementation of bioinformatic tools to extract information on genetic variations, differences in receptor expression or splice variants of aGPCRs in order to handle existing datasets. 2. Analysis of genome/transcriptome data from currently not investigated species and disease models to conclude the evolution of this receptor class and to identify new receptor subtypes and disease associations, respectively.

The activities of this WG will yield an up-to-date information map on aGPCR sequences and genetic variations, splice variants and receptor expression profiles. This information will form the basis for a curated and publicly available database of aGPCR sequences, variants and expression in human as well as other available species and on disease associations.

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